FundaCats is a specially designed program, aimed at 2-5 year olds, which introduces young children to sport and physical activity in the correct way, ensuring that their experience of sport is always a positive one.

Our tailored program is the ideal way to ensure that every young child’s physical and social learning is controlled and developed in a progressive format. We are passionate in our belief that this is best achieved through using physical activity as our medium.

FundaCats gives young people a sound grounding in physical literacy. We ensure that each child experiences a range of activities which help to improve their basic movement patterns and non-sport-specific actions in a fun, challenging and enjoyable environment.

Attending one of our sessions has both physical and social benefits for both the child and parent. Here are just some of the many advantages to be gained from the FundaCats program…

  • Increased self confidence
  • Development of cognitive skills
  • Improved social and communication skills
  • Exploration of numeracy and literacy skills
  • Enhanced muscle, joint and bone development
  • Improving the ABC’s (agility, balance, coordination)
  • Freedom to be creative via investigation and problem-solving
  • Greater body awareness and understanding of the benefits of exercise

We use very simple games and activities during the sessions in order to test and improve the children’s physical fundamentals, as well as aspects of their wider development, such as counting and colour recognition, all while having lots of fun in the process! So, to find out where your nearest FUNdacats session is, get in touch with us using the contacts page.

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