Extended school services

As part of the strategy, announced on the back of the successful London 2012 Olympic Games, geared towards improving sport provision in state primary schools in England, Inspired Coaching offers provision of sport outside the curriculum and school hours.

Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking to "ensure the Games count for the future too and that means capitalising on the inspiration young people took from what they saw during those summer months". Therefore, we offer activities and sports before and after the school day, as well as during lunchtime. We provide all of our own equipment for the sessions, all we need from you is an area to work in, and the pupils to coach.

Breakfast Sports Clubs
Many schools provide working parents the opportunity to drop their child off at school, before the school day begins, through ‘out of school care’. Inspired Coaching can provide these children with light and fun activities, which allow them to start their day actively, as well as promoting the importance of a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Physical exercise before the school day can improve concentration, and stimulate the body and the mind for the day ahead.

Lunchtime clubs/Lunchtime Play Leader Training
If you’re looking to keep your pupils active and alert right throughout the day, our coaches can provide multi skill and adapted games during their lunch break. We use our creativity and deliver lighter, simpler activities based around fun, rather than skill or technique.
We also give students at our schools the opportunity to help younger pupils enjoy games and activities during lunchtime, with our Lunchtime Play Leader Training. Here, one of our coaches works closely with the older classes, in order to pass on our expertise to them, allowing them to set up, run and adapt a wide range of games and activities independently.

After School Sports Clubs
We currently offer a variety of after-school sports clubs. Whether you’re looking to start with the basics, such as football or cricket, or want to branch out and offer more variety, with sports like dodgeball, we have it covered. Each after-school session runs in a similar fashion to our PPA cover P.E. lessons, although we shift the focus from technique and skill progression, to fun and enjoyment. We still aim to push every child who attends to improve and develop, but we feel it is essential to coach each sport in a fun and exciting way. We do this through the use of competitive games against their friends, and encouraging creativity with their own skills and tricks.

Extended School Services
Extended School Services2