CPD Teacher Training

Inspired Coaching partners with local schools in order to provide high-quality sport coaching and physical education. Many of these schools employ us because they may not have the knowledge or resources to provide it themselves, despite wanting a challenging and stimulating P.E. programme for their students.

Therefore, Inspired Coaching are offering additional Continual Professional Development (CPD) sessions, to the teachers and teaching assistants of schools. These will give you the knowledge and understanding of how we operate, in order to continue the work we do with the students when we are not there.

This knowledge may be used in order to put on additional P.E. sessions during the week, run by the school staff. It may also be used in conjunction with other lessons during the school day, finding cross-curricular links between physical activity and their Maths, Science, English lessons and more!

Every school is provided with extensive training by our qualified and experienced coaches, as well as an information pack, and ongoing support via telephone, email or face-to-face meetings. So if you are looking to enhance the work we do within your school, contact us about our CPD training and learn more about what we do!